Thats a good question … who the heck IS Monster Stalker ? The answer to that is a simple one … Monster Stalker was born from the evil minds of the FISHBUM crew … the wonderful boys n’ girls at FISHBUM were tired of wearing fishing clothing when they were in the woods … and Monster Stalker was born.

The name Monster Stalker ( trademarked 2013 ) was the brain child of Matt Rimmer while trying to create a line dedicated to people who seek large prey on the water AND in the woods. Well, one thing led to another – and 2,387 sleepless nights later … Monster Stalker Hunting was born.

With clothing made IN Canada AND the United States, not going overseas for production is a HUGE factor at Monster Stalker and FISHBUM. The only way to accomplish this feat at the companies grew was to actually BUY a manufacturer and be in control of quality and production from inside the companies – and thats just what we did! Employing Canadian and American folks is a big priority for us. Anyone can go overseas and find a manufacturer in China or Vietnam to make clothing that is cheap, both in quality and design but to get it made in North America was always our goal. And we have met that goal.

Welcome to Monster Stalker ….

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