Website Hours : Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Yes, even during ALL the hunting season!

Shipping times vary due to some products being made to order. If the item is in stock it will ship out within 24 hours of receiving the order. Made to order and some dye sublimated products take approx 21 days ( See below )

Our website calculates shipping cost as per your postal or zip code. Shipping starts at $3.00(decals) and goes up with more products. One shirt order is roughly $9.95

A frequent question we get from customers is “Why don’t all our parcels have tracking numbers?” and the truth of the matter is some parcels are too light or small to add tracking numbers. We also try to keep your shipping costs to a minimal. Shipping in North America can be quite costly, so we take every step we can to help you save money.

Our dye sublimated products sell out quickly! We try our best to have stock on hand at all times but truth be told we can’t always guess when a fishing club or company places a large order. In these cases we immediately re order the product to have in stock, but takes roughly 21 days to get back into stock. If you have ordered something dye sublimated and its taking a little more time than average, this is the case. But, rest assured! We promise you getting your gear is our highest priority. Literally the minute the stock is received the ordered items are packed and shipped out the door with couriers making its way to you, our valued customer!

Over time we have compiled a list of common questions we get asked regularly and documented them below for you!

How do your cloth items fit ? :

Our cloth items fit like other common brand names. Nothing special going on size wise here.

How do your dye sublimated items fit ? :

Our jerseys, jackets and dye sublimated hoodies fit ONE size LARGER then normal.  If you normally wear a large you should go with our medium, and if you normally wear a medium our small will fit you, etc etc. Our most common exchanges are on dye sublimated products. We size larger than normal with our dye sublimated items because many people use them in “layering” and we were asked time and time again to make them a little bigger. It is EXTREMELY rare that someone exchanges a dye sublimated product for a larger size. 99% of the time, it is for a smaller size.

Dye sublimated T-shirts fit fairly normal, again because you are typically not going to layer with t-shirts ( And if you DO walk around wearing 2 or 3 t-shirts at a time, we are not judging you … maybe a little … )

Are your decals fade resistant & waterproof ? :

Yep! We know they are going to typically end up on your truck, car or boat so our decals are made using the highest quality 3M product out there to help you along the way!

Please send exchanges and or refunds to 

Monster Stalker
PO Box 40
Dwight ON
P0A 1H0

In the case of an exchange, please make sure to specify with a note in the box what size you would like to exchange it for. Because we clearly show all of our sizing online, we ask our customers to cover the shipping costs in the case of a return. Please include a $15.00 cheque for the shipping.

In the case of a return, please send the item back to us, with a quick note stating you would like a return. All items must not have been worn ( other than trying it on ). You would be surprised at some of the things we have seen over the years 😉 We are more than happy to return your money should you not wish to keep the item, as long as the item is in new condition.

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